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Come Join Us for a Party Your Child Will Never Forget!

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a hands-on cooking party!

Culinary Parties
For Children

Thank you for choosing Ridgewood Culinary Studio to make your child’s birthday party a culinary experience they will never forget! Your “hands-on” party will have each participant measuring, mixing, and serving their very own creation. They will also design their own apron based on the culinary theme they choose.

We cater to only one party at a time, so your child is given the ultimate attention they deserve. It is sure to be a culinary “hands-on” adventure!

The Basic 1½ Hour Party Package Includes:
Admission for 10 Children (maximum 16) @ $30.00 for each additional child)

  • Party Room
  • Professional Party Hosts
  • Custom Invitations
  • Aprons
  • Cupcakes/Cake to Decorate (cupcakes and cakes are pre-baked)
  • Place Ware, Paper Products, and Candles
  • Decorations
  • Choice of Entree
  • Beverage (Lemonade/Water)

10 party themes to choose from. Pick a theme and let’s get ready to PARTY!

Pricing ranges from $375-$475 for 10 children (additional charge of $30.00 per child for more than 10)

Tip for party host payable in cash.

(Studio is small, so drop-off is required.)

Cupcake Wars
2 hours

The competition is fierce!

Kids will break up into teams to create cupcakes using special ingredients. Each team presents its best cupcake to be judged, based on taste and presentation. Winning team receives bragging rights!  Each kid goes home with a few cupcakes. 

Ages 10 & up $475 (pizza included)

Iron Chef Kids Party
1-1/2 hours

Culinary Creativity!

The kids will choose between creating either Pizza or a Mexican dish, along with the secret ingredient to create their masterpieces. They will enjoy the meal and decorate cupcakes!

Ages 10 and up $475

Dinner and a Movie Party
1-1/2 hours

Late Day Party

Come to our studio and create a culinary feast while watching your favorite movie on our big screen. Party includes frozen specialty drink and popcorn.  In addition, children will make their own homemade pizza and even decorate their own prebaked cupcake. Great for boys and girls!

Ages 9 & up $400.00

Let’s Get Chinese Takeout
1-1/2 hours

We will travel to the Orient and create some favorite dishes such as, chicken lo mein and egg rolls. It is sure to be a culinary adventure. The children will also decorate their own cupcake and apron.

Ages 9 & up $450.00

Mexican Fiesta
1-1/2 hours

Ole!  What a fiesta this will be!  We will make quesadillas, homemade salsa and tacos. This is sure to please the “Mexican” in you. The children will decorate their own cupcake and apron.

Ages 7 & up $450.00

Rise & Shine
1-1/2 hours

Calling all breakfast lovers. We will make pancakes or waffles and fruit cups. The children will decorate their own cupcake and apron.

Ages 5 & up $375.00

Cake Decorating
1-1/2 hours

Have your cake and eat it too!

Does your child love to decorate cakes?  Well, now they can decorate their very own cake at a cake decorating party.

Each child will make their own personal size pizza, decorate a 6″ cake to take home, with icing and candies.  They will also each get a cupcake to decorate with icing and sprinkles to help celebrate the birthday child’s special day (candle included for the birthday child).

$450.00 for 10 children; $30.00 for each additional child.

Ages 8 & up – 1-1/2 hour party.

Sleep Under
1-1/2 hours

Looking for sleepover ideas? Come and have a cooking sleep “under” at our studio. Dress in your PJ’s if you wish. We will create some foods that are fun at a sleepover such as pizza and s’mores. Decorate your own apron.

Ages 5 & up $400.00

American Doll Tea
1- 1/2 hours

Let’s have a spot of tea – make finger sandwiches or pizza, fruit cups, and decorate a cupcake. Bring your American Doll or your favorite stuffed animal. Decorate your own apron.

Ages 4 & up $400.00

Pizza Pizzaz
1-1/2 hours

You will make your own 6” personal pan pizza with all your favorite toppings, just like Giuseppe use to make. Delicioso!  Decorate your own cupcake and apron.

Ages 4 & up $400.00